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How We Do It

This is how we tell if a post is created from an automated content spammer.

Step 1 - Pattern Check

Before any post is created, we check that the post does not match any pattern associated with an automated content spammer. Such patterns include a large amount of links in a single post. If a pattern is matched, the post is flagged for checking. We also select a number of random posts that do not fit any patterns, and check them too.

Step 2 - Find History

With the flagged posts, we check from various spam databases across the web to see if the username/email/IP has ever been used in the past to spam a forum. If a history is found of spamming, that IP address will get banned from our websites.

Step 3 - Administration

Our Administrators routinely monitor posts which get flagged. This ensures that all bans are legitimate.


If the system picks up an innocent user, we have a full appeal system which the user can apply for. This system is regulated by our Administrators.

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